Mike Taylor

Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Mike Taylor,  I am a producer and engineer at Mutant Lab Studio’s.

Tell us more?

I founded Mutant Lab Studio’s over ten years ago after enjoying many years, making and performing music with bands, lecturing and live sound engineering.

What does your average day look like?

Normally favouring nocturnal hours.I spend my time sitting front in of a large pair of speakers, doing my part to help the world sound better. As a producer I often find my self called upon to assist at various points of the creative process. Wether that is writing, tracking, editing, mixing or mastering.

What do you find yourself working on?

Musically Omnivorous, Pop, Hip-Hop, R n B, D n B, U.K. Grime, Metal, Soul, Rock, Afrobeats, House and Singer Song Writers.

Whats your favourite toy at the moment? 

It is still the classic Seventy Three Rhodes piano that my good friend Elmo kindly allowed to take residence. 

What is your Ethos?

Supportive of creative flights of fancy, whilst knowledgeably grounded.